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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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wheelchair and then kicking him in the head. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> and he hammers one to left field! >> good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. new this morning, a san mateo county sheriff's deputy shot and killed an 18-year-old woman. it happened around 9:30 last night at the moon ridge housing complex near half moon bay. the complex is for farm workers. officers were called out because the woman was acting violently and was believed to be armed. the deputy shot her in the confrontation. we are looking good. the weather is going to start to improve. of course, the last few days we have seen a lot of drizzle near the coastline probably not going to see that today although we still have some fog early on this morning. but not as widespread. so by the afternoon, more sunshine. we are going to start to heat things up well into the 80s in many of the valleys, 70s inside the bay, and 60s and partly
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cloudy a smidgeon of sunshine toward the coast. looking out over the bay not bad right now. the temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. and the numbers about 86 degrees in livermore. 81 in san jose. 79 in redwood city. and about 63 degrees in pacifica. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. and before the san mateo bridge toll plaza we have a stalled big rig so it is blocking one lane. i have been watching our sensors. though haven't changed out of hayward. one lane is blocked. on the span everything is great, 13 to 14 minutes between 880 and 101. so all green through there. in fact, all green on most of our popular drive times for this time of the morning including 580 livermore, 880 in oakland, and the eastshore freeway through berkeley. we are starting to see the delays coming out of tracy. this is usually the first sign of traffic in the livermore valley but right now from 11th to mountain house and a little sluggish as you hit the altamont pass but the drive
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time like we showed you earlier 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. bay bridge very light right now coming into san francisco. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." we'll go to michelle for a muni update. more muni drivers have called in sick today. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in san francisco checking the early commute on the third day of the sickout. anne. >> reporter: that's right. a muni spokesman is crunching the numbers trying to figure out how many people have called in sick for this morning's commute. we are not sure how crippled it's going to be but i'm here at the bus yard at pine and masonic. you can see a lot of muni buses looking like they are ready for the morning commute. lights on. we just don't know how many of them will be running. commuters have their fingers crossed. yesterday at least half of the fleet was out of service. same story on monday. bus drivers and train operators are upset about the new contract offer from the city. going on strike is against the law so many called in sick.
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they will now have to present a doctor's note. >> we have through the investigative process we are starting on each individual who may have taken this action without the appropriate level of sickness, to have prevented that. we don't believe that that many people could be sick, obviously. this is not a legal process for them to follow. >> reporter: now, for commuters, some of the waits were an hour or more yesterday. once their ride came it was often jam-packed. the city has lost allotted of hev -- a lot of revenue as well this week. the union leader said the city may seek damages against the union as a whole but the union maintains that it did not direct, authorize or participate in this strike. again, we'll have the numbers for you on this morning's commute as soon as we hear back from muni's spokesman today. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> bart will honor all muni fares between the daly city and embarcadero stations. november's race for governor of california set now. the incumbent jerry brown
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coasted to the general election. he will face republican neel kashkari. tim donnelly conceded overnight. >> i'm going to campaign hard. i take nothing for granted. and i just have to say that california's come a long way in the last few years. >> and in the race to replace termed out san jose mayor chuck reed it will be dave cortese and sam liccardo locking horns up in the november runoff. they finished one and two last night with the vice mayor madison nguyen finishing third in the field of eight candidates. kiet do joins us live from san jose city hall to explain what happens next. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. the powerful labor unions came out in force for cortese. it showed him the numbers and in the party last night. cortese spoke to reporters saying he wants to return san jose to the kind of city it was when he was on the city council, the safest big city in america. the mayor's race is a referendum on chuck reed's administration and whether or not measure b pension reform
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went too far. sam liccardo is considered a reed ally and even though 70% of the voters supported measure b, do they want to stay on this current path or head in a different direction? cortese says the voters called 911 and are asking for change. >> people are tired of unsafe neighborhoods. there's [ indiscernible ] with city hall. they don't want to see police officers leaving at a rate of 100 per year ♪[ music ] >> and we are starting to see that in the way the election went today. this is what people are asking for and i don't think that's going to change between now and november. >> reporter: as for one of the most talked about congressional races in the country between honda and ro khanna, it wasn't much of a race. mike honda got twice as many votes on khanna and put a damper on the post-election party. khanna said the fight has just begun. >> thank you. here's a look at the latest numbers in that congressional race. honda finished far ahead of ro
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khanna 49-27%. this is the 17th congressional district which covers parts of santa clara and alameda counties. even though leland yee dropped out of the race for secretary of state his name was on the ballot. pete peterson and alex padilla will face off in november. yee finished third with more than a quarter million votes. san francisco voters have passed proposition b to let residents have the final word on waterfront development that might be too tall passing by 60% of the votes. you can get all the election results online at this morning, we have new video of a security guard beating a student in a wheelchair at oakland high school. it is much clearer and at a different angle. as the group appears to be getting ready to get into an elevator the student gets up and the security guard puts him back in the chair. after a brief scuffle the guards tip over the chair and one of them appears to kick him. the struggle then goes into the
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elevator and both guard are involved. one of those guards then grabs the boy's wheelchair, pulls it into the elevator and the doors close. this was the first video released of the incident. it is from a camera at the end of a hallway. it's from much further away. it only showed the one security guard involved. the second guard in the new video is on administrative leave while the incident is under investigation. 5:07 now. an uber driver arrested for apparent kidnapping. lapd says the driver picked up a woman from an l.a. nightclub. she was too drunk to tell the driver where to go so he drove her to a motel miles away and when the woman woke up the next morning and saw him in the motel room, she ran to a 7- eleven and called the police. for days the fbi said ryan chamberlain of san francisco was armed and dangerous a kpix 5's joe vazquez explains why the fbi believes he was such a threat. >> reporter: it wasn't until ryan chamberlain faced the judge that we found out exactly what the feds say they found
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inside his apartment: as glass jar, ball bearings and screws and a circuit board configured as a remote-controlled receiver. >> the only reason you would have ball bearings in any type of bomb would be to maim and kill people just like in the boston marathon bombings. >> reporter: retired fbi special agent rick smith says chamberlain is an unusual terrorism suspect in that he doesn't appear to espouse any sort of radical political or religious beliefs which makes the case even that much more mysterious. >> it's not explained at this point at least in public would be what his motives are and what his targets are, which is pretty important. >> reporter: chamberlain was arrested last night after being on the run for three days. the fbi thanked the public for calling in hundreds of tips from around the country. >> we believe any threat to public safety has been mitigated in this case. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5.
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>> the entire fbi complaint against chamberlain can be seen on it is 5:09 now. a 5-year-old investigation determined an army sergeant left his post before his capture by the taliban. why he wasn't declared a deserter coming up. >> plus the hubble telescope gives us a fresh look at the universe. coming up. >> and we have a whole lot of sunshine coming our way going to start to get hot in spots. we'll talk about that next. >> and so far the streets of san francisco looking good. 101 and 280 very quiet. we also just got word there will be no cable car service for muni. take a full look at your morning drive to work after this break. 4 dipping sauces, 2 sides, and biscuits... and a free i spy game, right on the bucket. i kind of want to do this every friday.
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parts of the midwest. here'a look at taylor, nebraska... getting pelted by hailstone in diameter. wild weather once again pelting parts of the midwest. here's a look at taylor, nebraska, getting hit by hailstones more than an inch in diameter. other areas were hit by powerful thunderstorms and flooding and there are unconfirmed reports of tornadoes in iowa and kansas. have some new video this morning of american p.o.w. bowe bergdahl being handed off to the u.s. military in afghanistan. it was shot and released by the taliban. susan mcginnis shows that footage. reporter: the taliban just released this video and says it shows army sergeant bowe bergdahl being handed over to u.s. special forces on
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saturday. defense officials will brief the full senate today to try to explain events that led to bergdahl's release in exchange for five taliban fighters. >> we should have been consulted, the law should have been followed, and i very much regret that that was not the case. >> reporter: members of congress were briefed on the possibility of an exchange more than two years ago. but they didn't get word of a deal until saturday, the day of the release. the white house says it didn't have time to alert congress earlier because bergdahl's health was deteriorating. >> there has not been even the weakest case in my opinion made that he was suffering from a health standpoint to the degree to which a decision had to be made immediately. >> reporter: some of bergdahl's former comrades are angry claiming he deserted and efforts to find him cost six soldiers their lives. sandra andrews says her son was one of them. she keeps his id tags close to her heart. >> my son's life was worth more than that. >> reporter: the military has
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promised a comprehensive review into possible misconduct and says charges against bergdahl are still a possibility. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the army investigated bergdahl's disappearance nearly five years ago and they concluded he left his post of his own free will. he lot of behind his weapon and gear. without speaking to him the army couldn't officially calm little a did he setter. around the world people are chem -- a deserter. around the world people are commemorating the 25th anniversary of the massacre in tienanmen square, china. hundreds gathered in chinatown in san francisco for a candlelight memorial and concert but in china, people are banned from talking about the incident in which hundreds of protestors were killed. well, it is the most amazing picture of the universe every taken from nasa captured by the hubble telescope. it shows about 10,000 galaxies. it was created from the 2003 to 2012 and during that time the
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ten scope orbited around the earth nearly 850 times. uv light was added to make the image vibrant. the 24-year-old telescope is a joint venture between nasa and the european space agency. >> makes you think a little bit, huh? >> very cool. >> a lot out there. liz, with that thought, take it away. traffic. >> yeah. and we actually just got an update from muni. so if you are a muni rider this is the latest. it sounds like 440 out of 600 vehicles will be running this morning. so that is better than the last couple of days. in fact, they hope to get some normal service running this morning. you still may see some delays. in fact, there's no cable car service at least in the morning but they say by this afternoon, they may actually be able to get some of those cable cars up and running. of course, we have been dealing with this muni worker sickout the last -- this is day 3. so while there may be delays again this sounds like it is better yesterday they were only running at 50% capacity and right now they are at 440 out
5:16 am
of 600. ferries, bart, caltrain, everything else is also reporting no delay. so our anne makovec is on the scene and she will be giving us a live update here very shortly. in the meantime, if you are hitting the roads, westbound 92 before the san mateo bridge toll plaza, we have that stalled big rig still there blocking one lane and you can actually see some slowdowns now on our sensors. once you hit the bridge though everything is great. no delay at all from end to end across the span. a little backup there trying to get out of hayward. your other east bay drive times clear up and down the nimitz. overall doing well at the maze. out of tracy slight delays from 11th to mountain house but through the altamont pass still fine. that's your latest traffic. with the forecast, here's lawrence. clouds out there but the sea breeze not as strong so clear into concord and livermore, in san jose right now. so i think an earlier burnoff on tap for the bay area.
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so we have a few clouds. not as thick as yesterday and by the afternoon more sunshine on the way so the temperatures going to start to warm up. yesterday we had some 60s and some 70s. today i think we'll see a few more 80s some above 8 degrees above yesterday's highs so a warming trend starting today and hot in spots the next few days valleys mid-90s by the week but cool toward the coastline. high pressure building in. i think it's going to be hanging around just some minor fluctuations in the ridge the next five to seven days. so overall hot temperatures inland, at the beaches still a couple of patches of fog and cool there. triple digits noon redding today about 95 degrees in -- triple digits in redding today, about 95 degrees. sunshine out toward the beaches. otherwise temperatures start to warm up. so here we go. we are going to see these temperatures soaring by the afternoon in the south bay up in the 80s in many spots.
5:18 am
still some 60s out toward the beaches. mid- to upper 80s in the east bay. then as you get inside the bay, a little bit cooler but still 73 and mostly sunny in oakland. about 66 in san francisco. hot this weekend at least in the valleys even near the coastline over the weekend temperatures in the 60s maybe low 70s. and then we'll cool down again next monday and tuesday for the weekend. looking good. >> not too bad. all right, lawrence, thanks. all right. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is live in livermore with a mad mariucci battle of the bay. we're playing a little bocce. >> it is a charity event. roberta, a lot of big names in the sports world are expected there today. >> reporter: anybody who is on that list of the who's who of sports figures will be right here in livermore today. good morning, everyone. currently 54 degrees. take a look behind me. we're in the tri-valley but we have a replica of the golden gate bridge. we have the big white tents that will be hosting the biggest names of sports here in the bay area today. unless they're on the road playing baseball. to tell us more about this day,
5:19 am
this charity bocce ball event for madden and mariucci, dave lewis kcbs radio. good morning. >> good morning, roberta. >> reporter: thank you for being with us. for somebody who has been through this experience before, walk it through it. how important is it? >> a lot of local charities in the bay area so when madden calls we jump, all the teams, 49ers, raiders, warriors, sharks, they're all here. it's a fun but competitive event. >> reporter: very competitive. and you just hit on something very important. this is the only charity event that does host all sports teams in the bay area. >> oh, definitely. and these guys, you know, supposed to be a casual event. we are raising money. but these guys are competing constantly. so by the time we get to 5:00, 6:00 in the play-offs, it's on. >> reporter: it starts at noon. you have been involved in this so many years but last year you were a contender. >> last year was the first year kcbs made the play-offs. we got to the quarterfinals and
5:20 am
we got nervous. we choked. [ laughter ] >> so we have a score to settle and we want to get madden and mariucci in the semifinals. >> last year john madden won for the first time and he asked me to stand by and conduct the wave. we didn't finish until 10:30. >> we want to stay late tonight! normally kcbs is sent packing 2:00, 3:00. we want to be here to run the table and claim the top prize. >> reporter: does kcbs morning man stan bunger have game? >> we were here practicing last week. he has major game. i'm going to practice three or four hours today. >> reporter: he definitely has the brightest pants in the house! if you want more information about the john madden steve mariucci charity bocce ball tournament, just visit us online at click on "links and numbers." >> who is going would win? kcbs! >> back to you guys. 5:20 right now. a santa clara teen's unlikely journey in the wheel well of a plane forced a reexamination of
5:21 am
airport security. coming up at 5:30, the audio recording painting a clearer picture of what actually happened. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, how would timmy lincecum follow his 5th inning no hitter? and it was the team in green last night playing the role of the bronx bombers in new york coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning, josh reddick was placed on the 15-day dl due to a bad knee as oakland went on an east coast road trip where they are sending a loud message, we are for real. scott kazmir struck out a season-high 10 batters against the yankees but was on the hook for the loss until the pinch hitter steve vogt put it into the gap to tie the game at 2 and they went to extra innings. that is when brandon moss stepped up and teed up his second home run of the night into the second deck. a's win 5-2. yankees lose, yankees lose! giants may need infield practice for today's game. they forgot how to throw and catch. four errors committed in hot, humid cincy coach not happy. timmy didn't make it out of the 5th inning. phillips with a knockout blow. lincecum gives us 8 runs, just flat dead in the 86-degree heat. reds win 8-3. maria sharapova took a deep breath and regrouped after dropping the first set to martina and won in three sets
5:25 am
to advance to the semis at roland garros for the fourth straight year. and california chrome goes tort triple crown saturday and going to have a sponsor. skechers a shoe company will be in the saddle believed to be the largest marketing deal ever in horseracing. in fact, a company in washington, d.c. yesterday created their own nasal strips that say, go chrome. they are goinged in a with that. everybody is on the bandwagon for california chrome. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day we have some ncaa ball. she makes an unbelievable catch. going back, diving. nice catch right there. the gators beat alabama 6-3. florida's first-ever national softball championship. we got it all for you. 5:25. the original was tough to watch. now a second video reveals a
5:26 am
security officer's attack on a student may have been worse than we thought. >> reporter: and dozens of bus and train operators call in sick again today. we'll have a look at the morning commute in san francisco and what the city is doing to try to put a stop to the muni sickout. ,,,,,, at shell, we believe the world needs
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,,,,,,,, [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. and one of the most closely watched congressional races in the country turned out to be not much of a contest at all. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. >> and some new video appears to show the moment that the taliban released an american p.o.w. as an investigation reveals he intentionally left his post. >> and we are looking at some
5:30 am
summer-like heat coming our way. we'll tell you when and where next. >> and it looks like we have a new multicar crash blocking up to two lanes near the dublin interchange. can you see it? the fog has moved in, as well. a full look at your drive to work is coming up. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, june 4. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 5:30. there is new video showing more of a school security officer's violent attack on a student in a wheelchair. kpix 5's andria borba has the video released by oakland schools. reporter: check this out. that's oakland high security guard marcel mitchell dealing with an agitated francisco martinez. first, dumping him out of his wheelchair, and then kicking him in the head and dragging him into an elevator. >> not clear exactly how long the time span is, probably a few minutes apart. >> reporter: this is the video you saw last week of marcel slapping francisco and dumping him out of the chair. this actually happened after what we saw near the elevator. by then, francisco was
5:31 am
restrained in handcuffs. oakland unified has already fired the guard. now this woman you see helping during the prolonged struggle in the elevator is on leave. >> they are giving an interview. they are given a background check. in this case, the people involved cleared their background checks, no arrests or convictions certainly. >> reporter: it just so happens that bows marcel and the female guard took a class on conflict management and deescalation procedures in april. a spokesman for says guards will take another class this month and officials are looking for better training techniques so guards don't assault students. >> we realize that this is a reprehensible incident. >> reporter: in oakland, andria borba, kpix 5. >> marcel mitchell faces felony charges. the other guard may be charged, as well. new this morning, a san mateo county sheriff's deputy shot and killed an 18-year-old woman. it happened around 9:30 last night at the moonridge housing complex near half moon bay. the complex is for farm
5:32 am
workers. officers were called out because the woman was acting violently and believed to be armed at the time. the deputy shot her during a confrontation. also new this morning, san jose two people treated for smoke inhalation after their apartment caught fire. it happened overnight on judah street at trade winds drive. the two-alarm fire forced six adults and five children out of their homes. around the same time another two-alarm fire broke out in a garage at grossmont drive. nobody was hurt there. federal investigators say the search of a san francisco man's apartment turned up ball bearings, screws and components needed to make a homemade bomb designed to kill or maim. that's according to an affidavit unsealed tuesday in the case of ryan chamberlain. the discovery prompted a manhunt for chamberlain which ended with his arrest on monday. the fbi has not said whether chamberlain might have had any specific plans for the device. 5:32. the heat is on.
5:33 am
>> mid-90s inland over the weekend. the fog not as thick outside. patchy fog out the door in spots especially approaching the coastline. fog will break up and it will be warmer 70s inside the bay and 80s, even upper 80s, in the interior valleys and patchy fog continuing near the coast. looking toward the bay bridge, you can see broken skies. 40s and the 50s. this afternoon mid- to upper 80s in the valleys, 81 san jose. 73 oakland, 63 and cool into pacifica. all right. time for a traffic check. let's head to the professional, elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going to turn to "kcbs traffic." they are just tweeting away about this accident and i realize it's hard to see through the fog. we have this accident in pleasanton. you can see it there on your screen.
5:34 am
westbound 580 before 680 that crash reported in the two left lanes. chp is rolling out to the scene now and we're already starting to see some delays coming through the livermore valley. this stall is now clear. westbound 92 before the san mateo bridge toll plaza so all looks clear out of hayward heading into foster city. both directions still look good on eastbound and westbound 92. at the bay bridge we just started to see delays beginning to build in the cash lanes. and a mass transit check. i'm checking twitter on this. the sfmta says all routes and lines are experiencing major delays once again. so it looks like this sickout is continuing into day 3. will it be any better? let's go to out to anne makovec in san francisco this morning. anne, how are things looking right now? >> reporter: the short answer is things will be better today. but as you mentioned, we are still going to have delays. the spokesman for muni just said there were 160 sick calls, around 160 sick calls. i'm at the bus yard here at masonic and pine. you can see there are a lot of
5:35 am
buses ready to roll. that's the good news. yesterday muni was running at about 50% capacity. today should be about 75%. buses and trains returning to their regular routes. cable cars will be out until at least this afternoon. and delays still expected on day three of this sickout. reporter: riding the bus has become an act of patience and futility. >> i watched it change from three minutes to 45 minutes and then 69 minutes. and then we all just looked at each other like, who are they trying to kid? let's just walk. >> reporter: yesterday for the second straight day about half of city buses weren't running because drivers didn't show up for work. it's not a strike. that would be illegal. but mayor lee says a bulk sickout might be, too. >> our human relations division is forced to do the investigations now on every, single person who was declared sick to determine whether or not that was the fact. we don't believe it is. >> reporter: with city buses late and packed, commuters
5:36 am
turned to taxis and other car services. uber sent out this text warning drivers expect to be busy. it was extra busy? >> oh, definitely. definitely. because everyone i picked up was usually right at a bus stop. >> reporter: so until bus drivers get tired of calling in sick, bus riders will have to get used to being late. >> i'm going to cross my fingers and hope like heck they show up. >> reporter: so the muni drivers who did call out sick are going to need to present a doctor's note or they won't get paid. by the way muni operators both buses and trains are the sixth highest paid transit operators in the country. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> we are getting a better idea of what happened when that teenaged stowaway landed in hawaii after flying from san jose all the way to maui in a wheel well of a plane. listen to the recording. this is between a pilot and an air traffic controller:
5:37 am
>> well, here's the surveillance footage that caught 15-year-old yahya abdi dropping from the wheel well after five hours. he was in the hospital for two weeks before he was returned to the silicon valley. now some election results. one of the nation's most talked about congressional races turned out not to be much of a contest in the primary. veteran democrat mike honda finished far ahead of ro khanna, his well funded democratic challenger, 49 to
5:38 am
27%. this is the 17th congressional district which covers parts of santa clara and alameda counties. more now from kpix 5's kiet do, who joins us live from san jose. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. mike honda is a seven-term congressman and a lot of people thought that for the first time in a long time, he was in danger last night. but as the numbers show, definitely not the case. honda was all smiles as he walked into his post-election party in fremont last night. he touted his ability to bring in federal money to support businesses and working families and enjoyed the support of the democratic old guard while his challenger was funded by folks in high-tech. khanna tried to paint honda as old school. >> i think this is always the plan, a strong second finish and continuing to build the momentum. it shows the message is resonating and i'm confident that as we have five more months to campaign, people are going to embrace this campaign of change and changing the
5:39 am
status quo. >> i alwaysam anxious to provide information for people to use to make the right decisions. i never take anything for granted. that's when you go in danger. >> reporter: the san jose mayoral race it will be santa clara county supervisor dave cortese and a runoff with san jose councilmember sam liccardo. cortese with strong union support blamed the current city council for policies driving police officers out of the city. cortese says he wants to return san jose to the safest city in the country. also there is a question about measure b. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. here's a look at the numbers again: mayor madison nguyen finishi third, in a field ca . the governor' or the fall is set jerry brown coasted to neral election. he will fa kashkari. kashkari won ou >> the governor's race for the fall is set. jerry brown coasted to the
5:40 am
general election. he will face neel kashkari who beat fellow republican tim donnelly and got a call from mitt romney. >> but he along with so many other national leaders have been terrific supporters of ours and so many leaders here in california like dick ackerman and rocky chavez. >> whoo! >> and so many others. >> find complete election results on our website, happening today, rally for higher wages by walmart workers. this is a protest. this is in arizona. similar protests are planned at walmart stores throughout the country including the one in union city later today. that starts with a march at 4:30 in the union landing shopping complex. new video this morning of american prisoner of war bowe bergdahl being handed off to the u.s. military in afghanistan. it was shot and released by the taliban. you can see the army sergeant in traditional afghan clothing last saturday. he is quickly taken by u.s.
5:41 am
military personnel into a blackhawk helicopter. and happening today, defense officials will brief the full senate to try to explain events that led to bergdahl's release in exchange for five taliban fighters. >> we should have been consulted. the law should have been followed. and i very much regret that that was not the case. >> the army investigated bergdahl's disappearance nearly five years ago and concluded he left his post of his own free will. he left behind his weapon and gear. but without speaking to him, the army could not officially call him a deserter. a hotel may credit it with stopping a string of home invasions here in the bay area. coming up, how she helped put the robbers behind bars. >> storms are going through the central u.s. the destruction coming up. ,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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5:44 am
unconfirmed tornadoes that t the region yesterday. some harsh weather pelting the midwest. unconfirmed tornadoes hit nebraska. the same storm system brought flooding to omaha, other parts of the midwest hit with hailstones some more than an inch in diameter. not even free pot was enough to entice voters to turn out. at least 20 dispensaries in san jose offered free or discounted medical marijuana for customers who showed proof that they voted. it was their weed for votes program. but the statewide turnout was dismal. it may have been the lowest in california history. it turned out only 25 to 30%. so not a huge turnout for yesterday's primary but some interesting races and it set up a few good faceoffs coming up in november. political analyst melissa griffin-caen joins us to talk about the results. you had like an election night party? >> twice a year we get
5:45 am
together and go crazy. >> what is the big surprise? leland yee? the guy got 10% of the vote and he is on federal corruption charges. >> unbelievable! he has already withdrawn from the race. he still ends up getting 300,000 votes. he got 10% of the votes beating five other perfectly qualified candidates. there are a lot of theories about why this might have happened. people might have been casting a protest vote, everybody is a crook i might as well vote for one who is clearly a crook. maybe it was a bit of kardashian effect to say what's more important than being the most qualified candidate is being the candidate people have heard of even if it's not necessarily good news. so that might have played into it, as well. >> we talked to you on monday you said he would probably get about how many votes? >> i guessed 20,000 and was woefully off the mark. somewhere leland yee owes me 40 bucks.
5:46 am
>> good luck. >> it was a good night for incumbents? >> it was. jerry brown got more votes than any candidate. lieutenant governor newsom did well. also kamala harris sailed right back into a november runoff. so we saw the stalwart democrat incumbents did well. no good news except neel kashkari will be going against jerry brown bringing in a lot of gop nationwide money and attention to that governor's race. it's going to be a lot more important because the gop does want to focus some attention on neel kashkari as an interesting new candidate. >> explain to the viewers. top two go off from the primary, right? so they will go up against each other in november? >> a lot of people were predicting that because that's how it works. instead of one designated republican versus one designated democrat, whoever gets the top two votes wins. however, in this case, because you had a number of democrats running in these races, they
5:47 am
were all sort of fighting over the nonrepublicans. republicans though came out and elected their people so what you see is in november you're going to see republicans versus democrats, you're not going to see as much d-on-d action as you might have expected if you asked people elsewhere, hey, what do you think is going to happen in california? we are going to see republicans versus democrats to a large extent in november. of course, though, we have at least one or two really interesting democrat-on- democrat races including the ro khanna-mike honda congressional race down in silicon valley which is also going to be one to watch. you will get lots of national attention on that particular congressional race. >> that is the race to watch. >> it certainly is. that one and the governor's race even though -- they may seem like foregone conclusions, but they represent something to the voters and to their constituents. >> absolutely. melissa, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. 5:47. let's check the roads. >> okay. thanks, guys. and outside we go, i have been watching this accident near the dublin interchange.
5:48 am
we can't see it in our camera anymore because the fog is so thick we can't see the cars but the accident is there westbound 580 before you reach the dublin interchange. two left lanes are blocked and they are saying the tow crews can't even get on scene until closer to 6:15. that's what it looks like out the door. be extra careful this morning through the livermore valley and all along the westbound 580 corridor. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. they must have just turned on the metering lights within the last few minutes. at last check they hadn't but delays have filled in in the fast lanes, as well. that's the first indicator that they turned on the metering lights. they turned it on the last couple of weeks around 5:45. you can see the drive time through the altamont pass is heavy because of the accident approaching the dublin interchange. the nimitz and 80 so far still look good on your other east bay routes. the tweets keep pouring in on muni on the latest on this sickout, the muni sickout day 3 now. so it shouldn't be as bad as yesterday. we have seen a slight improvement with every passing day. in fact, all limited and
5:49 am
express buses will be operating including the 88 bart shuttle and the 3 jackson but they are expecting major delays. we'll continue to bring you live updates with anne makovec coming up in just a little bit. in the meantime, with the forecast, here's lawrence. the fog is filling into the bay right now up into the napa valley along the coastline but not in the interior valleys so that's a sign we are looking at warmer ahead today as high pressure builds. the numbers warming up the next few days. 60s and 70s yesterday, today we'll see 80s, maybe 8 degrees warmer in santa rosa and 82, about 73 in oakland, about 81 in san jose. so looks like the warming trend beginning today. going to start to get hot in spots the next few days. patchy fog early on this morning clear in the interior valleys and then concord and livermore right now. and then the valley heat will get cranked up but staying cool toward the beaches. high pressure now building into the bay area. that is going to warm things up today. getting hot though toward tomorrow and friday. and speaking of heat, triple
5:50 am
digital in redding. 95 in sacramento. 96 ukiah. so here we go. low clouds and fog breaking up, probably just partly cloudy skies along the coastline this afternoon. so not as gray as it has been. not going to get away from the fog entirely, still going to see some night and morning low clouds and fog the next five to seven days and lots of sunshine in the afternoon. 80s in the south bay, 60s toward the coastline. mid- to upper 80s into the east bay. and then as you head inside the bay, 73 in oakland today, mostly sunny. 70 in alameda. and about 80 in san rafael. your sunrise time is 5:49. sunset 8:28. and looking out over the next few days we are going to heat things up probably going to see these temperatures max out over the weekend maybe some mid-90s inland, still some 60s and 70s toward the coastline and then we'll slowly cool things down toward monday and tuesday. but really, the next five to seven days just some minor fluctuations of the weather pattern. >> not too bad, lawrence. thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting.
5:53 am
but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at let's check your pollen report for today. things on the rise for juniper, grasses and olive. in fact, getting to the medium high category as we head in toward the coastline. >> the problem spot now is the
5:54 am
drive on westbound 580. look at that, already up to a half hour westbound 580 before the dublin interchange. there's an accident still blocking two of the left lanes. we'll help you get to work on time. "kcbs traffic" is all coming up. a hotel housekeeper in concord being called a heroine this morning helping investigators track down the suspects in a rash of bay area home invasions. last weekend some guests were checking out of the premier inn in concord and told housekeeper vicki brooks to dump everything they left behind in the room. >> told plea to throw it in the -- told me to three it in the garbage and it's all good stuff, there's something wrong, it's not right. so just turned on the lights, you know? wait a minute. [ laughter ] >> something wasn't right. she called the concord police who determined all the items in the room were stolen. one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world is now living in the bay area. george jung is out of prison after 20 years. he had been sentenced to 60 years but he got out early
5:55 am
because he testified against his former accomplice. now tmz reports jung has flown into sfo and will be living at a halfway house in san francisco. >> life's a rodeo and the thing you have to do is stay in the saddle. and i'm back in the saddle again now. >> jung specialized in smuggling drugs from colombia. he was played by johnny depp in the 2001 film called "blow." new this morning, it's amazing no one was hurt in a series of collisions. this is north of seattle. it all started with a man driving a stolen rv being chased by the police. he crashed and took off on foot taking off his clothes while in pursuit. before he was caught, he put on a woman's t-shirt and jeans. probably a little tight. 13-year-old girl making a little history in india. >> she is the youngest female climber to make it to the top of mount everest.
5:56 am
she did the 52-day climb two weeks ago. she is the daughter of a farm laborer from india's lowest caste, the untouchables. she did it to show the world a tribal girl can do anything. the accusations a uber driver is facing after a woman claims he took her to a motel instead of home. >> reporter: day 3 of major muni delays with the number of drivers that called in sick today significantly less than yesterday. we'll look at the situation and what the city is doing to try to stop this sickout. ,, ,,,,,,
5:57 am
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try jack's hottest sandwich yet. his new blazin' chicken sandwich has spicy crispy chicken, ghost pepper ranch sauce, and sliced jalapeños. owww, that's hot! you better be holdin' a sandwich. another day, another sickout by muni workers displeased with contract negotiations, bus drivers calling in sick by the hundreds leaving riders stranded. >> it's chaos. it should not be happening because today is voting day. >> the results are in. some surprises in this primary election. >> i always am anxious about making sure that i provide every information people need
6:00 am
to make the right decision. >> one of the nation's most talked about congressional races, veteran democrat mike honda easily defeats ro khanna, his well funded democratic challenger. >> and governor jerry brown wins his spot in the general election. he will face republican neel kashkari. >> check this out, that's oakland high security guard marcel mitchell dealing with an agitated francisco martinez first dumping him out of his wheelchair and then kicking him in the head. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> and he hammers one to left field! your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning. it's wednesday, june 4. time now 6:00. let's check in with liz for a look at our morning commute. >> we have been watching this hot spot in the dublin- pleasanton area. it looks like in the next 15 minutes they hope to ghetto crews on scene. in the meantime two of the left lanes are still blocked on westbound 580 westbound 580


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